The Benefits of Having a Water Softener

Do you have mineral deposits on your bathroom or kitchen fixtures? Do you have water stains on your dishes? Or are you finding that your hair and skin feels dry and itchy after taking a shower? These are signs that you have hard water. Hard water is concentration of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in your water. Check out this video about the many benefits of having a Beauchamp Water Softener.

Full Radio Interview with Adam Helfman, host of Hire it Done on WWJ Radio, Jerrad Beauchamp and Scott Brackenridge.

Here is the full radio interview of Jerrad Beauchamp and Scott Brackenridge with Adam Helfman from WWJ's Hire it Done. Jerrad and Scott discuss the history of Beauchamp Water and the water treatment solutions they provide for homeowners!

Thank you Adam Helfman from WWJ's Hire it Done for the interview!

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"Love Your Water!" How-To Videos

Visit our YouTube channel to find "how-to" information, tips, and solutions to resolve even the most complex water treatment problems that will help you love your water. Each week we will bring you a brand-new video so be sure to subscribe to our channel and you will be the first to know when we upload a new video.

Hartland Polar Express 2019

Thank you to Cromaine District Library and everyone else that helped put together this wonderful event, so that families in the Hartland area could kick off the holiday season right. We're extremely blessed to be involved with the communities that have given us so much support throughout the years and we look forward to continuing to support this and many other events.
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We are powered by the opportunity to deliver on our Promise each and every day. We live by this customer centric vision and base our actions on these three guiding principles. We listen, we care, and we value you and your business. We won’t stop until you LOVE your water, LOVE your price and LOVE your experience.

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