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Welcome to Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions! We are dedicated to providing high-quality water treatment solutions to meet your specific needs. With four convenient locations, we proudly serve the communities of Brighton, Waterford, Howell, and Fenton..


Water Solutions Services in Michigan:

We offer comprehensive water treatment solutions designed to address the unique challenges of city water sources. Our advanced systems ensure that your tap water is clean, safe, and free from impurities.
 For those who rely on well water, we have tailored solutions to ensure the highest water quality. Our well water treatment systems are designed to remove contaminants and provide you with clear and refreshing water.
 We specialize in installing and maintaining cutting-edge water treatment systems that enhance the quality of your water. Our systems are designed for both residential and commercial applications.
Curious about the state of your water? We offer complimentary water analysis to identify any potential issues and recommend appropriate solutions.
Hard water can be a nuisance. Our water softeners effectively reduce mineral content, preventing scale buildup and extending the lifespan of your appliances.
Keep your water softener system running smoothly with our range of high-quality filters. These filters ensure your water remains consistently soft and clean.


Contact the Location Nearest You for Service Information

Visit our individual location pages to learn more about the services offered at each branch and to get in touch with our expert team. At Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions, we are committed to ensuring your access to clean, high-quality water. Contact us today for all your water treatment needs!


Our Promise:

LOVE your water, LOVE your price, LOVE your experience with TEAM Beauchamp

We are powered by the opportunity to deliver on our Promise each and every day. We live by this customer centric vision and base our actions on these three guiding principles. We listen, we care, and we value you and your business. We won’t stop until you LOVE your water, LOVE your price and LOVE your experience.

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