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Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions is the leader in water treatment solutions in Waterford and throughout Southeastern Michigan. Our passion and core values are centered around providing you with services to help you love your great-tasting drinking water.

No matter whether you have city water or water from private wells, we have an arsenal of solutions to keep your entire household safe and hydrated. You use it every day, so why not make your water as safe, fresh, and clean as possible? Contact our Waterford, MI location today for your free water test and get more information about all of our services and installations


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Explore Our Water Filtration System and Water Softener System Options

Since 1976, Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions has been delivering the professional well water solutions Waterford deserves. To start off, we’re pleased to provide new customers with a FREE in-home water analysis.

Why should a water filtration system be your next home improvement project?

  • Save money
  • Protect the environment
  • Safe, delicious drinking water on demand
  • Quick and easy installation

For The Best Water Quality, Call Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions Waterford

Trust the expertise of Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions. From our Howell, Fenton, Brighton, and Waterford locations, we help care for Michigan's water supply and provide homes with pure, safe drinking water. Whether you're in need of water filter repair services, want to know how to fix hard water, or are simply interested in learning more about a reverse osmosis system, we're always happy to chat.

We proudly service and install all makes and models of water treatment systems. It is our mission to deliver clean, safe drinking water with no odors, impurities, or chemicals. To achieve this, we are happy to provide a FREE in-home water analysis for you and your family. Reach out to us today to get started, and enjoy a lifetime of purified water!


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