Salt Sale Saturday

Get the Best Deals on Water Softener Salt in SE Michigan

Water Softener Salt

Around Here, Every Saturday is Salt Sale Saturday!

With a long history in the Water Treatment industry the Beauchamp family has always made customer service its number one priority. As a result, Salt Sale Saturday was born as a day dedicated to our customers where they can buy water softener salt and 5-gallon water jugs for a dollar less than they are every other day of the week. This is Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions "Thank You" to our customers for their years of loyalty and support to our company!

We even have staff on hand to load your vehicle. Every Saturday, water softener salt is on sale at both of our locations. On Saturdays, we’re open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m, so you have plenty of time to save!

Special Saturday-Only Pricing
(Pick-Up Only)


(Regularly $6.99/bag)

Red-Out Dura-Cube

(Regularly $8.49/bag)

5-gallon bottled water

$3.99/jug + $7 deposit
(Regularly $4.99/jug)

We are also happy to deliver salt to you Monday through Friday with a 5-bag minimum order.

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Our Mission:

Providing Clean, Safe Water to You and Your Family

It’s hard-wired into our DNA. We are devoted to providing clean, safe drinking water at a fair price. In fact, we have only one price for each product. For us, it’s never been about price, but building trusted partnerships with our customers. This is why we’re the leader in water treatment solutions throughout Southeastern Michigan.

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