Water Coolers

Beauchamp Offers Water Coolers for Homes and Businesses

Water Coolers

We Offer Water That’s Always the Right Temperature and Safe to Drink

Our water coolers are perfect for your home or office.

You even have the option of multiple temperature settings. That means you can enjoy a glass of cold water and a hot beverage at the same time. With a temperature control setting, you can also enjoy instant soups, noodles, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee within minutes.

When you install a water cooler through Beauchamp, we will:

  • Carry bottles into your home or office
  • Remove old bottles
  • Change bottles, if needed

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How Does Our Bottled Water Service Work?

When you sign up for our water cooler service, we will promptly deliver a water cooler to your home or office. Our delivery service is a convenient way for you to always have jugs of water on hand for when you need a new one. When we deliver your water, we will also take the empty jugs away for you.

Contact us to schedule water deliveries as often as necessary to keep your coolers full and your employees hydrated!

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Each Beauchamp water cooler:

  • Has options available for purchase or rental
  • Is energy-efficient, which means more savings
  • Comes in five-gallon jugs
Our Mission:

Providing Clean, Safe Water to You and Your Family

It’s hard-wired into our DNA. We are devoted to providing clean, safe drinking water at a fair price. In fact, we have only one price for each product. For us, it’s never been about price, but building trusted partnerships with our customers. This is why we’re the leader in water treatment solutions throughout Southeastern Michigan.

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