Eliminate Arsenic From Your Home’s Water

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Well Water is More Susceptible to High Arsenic Levels than City Water

Arsenic is naturally occurring in groundwater in Southeast Michigan and has become a big concern for those living with water drawn from private and community well water supplies. There are two types of arsenic that occur naturally in groundwater, Arsenic III and Arsenic V, and the current drinking water standards for arsenic are set at 10ppb (parts per billion, or ugl). Beauchamp Water and Supply offers several solutions to reduce and remove arsenic from your water supply.

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Whole House Filtration - Point of Entry

The most popular option we offer is our whole house filtration/arsenic removal system. Our whole house filtration system removes both Arsenic III and V, along with iron, odor, and manganese, and is environmentally friendly as it simply uses air to oxidize these contaminants before filtering them out with our specialized filtration media. This process esures there is no maintenance required by the homeowner. The system cleans itself every three days, or by a certain number of gallons, to assure your family has great water even during days of heavy usage. This is referred to as a Point of Entry system.

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Reverse Osmosis - Point of Use

Another option for Arsenic reduction is a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems are designed to remove 90 plus percent of TDS (total dissolved solids) and give you great tasting, bottled-water-quality drinking water. In addition to TDS reduction, a reverse osmosis system will significantly reduce levels of Arsenic III, and Arsenic V. When treating for Arsenic removal with a reverse osmosis system, we recommend an additional filtration cartridge which is specifically designed to reduce the levels of Arsenic III. These systems may be installed either under the kitchen sink or in the basement, with a dedicated faucet at the kitchen sink and tied into the refrigerator to supply your family with great tasting, worry-free water right at your fingertips.

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It’s hard-wired into our DNA. We are devoted to providing clean, safe drinking water at a fair price. In fact, we have only one price for each product. For us, it’s never been about price, but building trusted partnerships with our customers. This is why we’re the leader in water treatment solutions throughout Southeastern Michigan.

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